Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training positions

The post-doctoral training program at Atlanta Psychological Services focuses on training in psychological testing and evaluations. Post-doctoral fellows will receive a broad-generalist experience, with exposure to a wide range of referral types, ages, ethnically diverse clients, and diagnoses, but with the potential for specific focus in one or more of the areas outlined below. Successful applicants will have solid testing skills, excellent report writing skills, the ability to quickly learn and integrate new tests into your repertoire, and motivation to strive for excellence.

Evaluations you could gain experience with through our program include:

  • Developmental evaluations of infants and young children,
  • Assessment of foster children,
  • Autism evaluations, 
  • Forensic evaluations (e.g., psychosexual evaluations, parental fitness evaluations, custody evaluations, criminal defense, competency, fitness for duty, etc.),
  • Neuropsychological evaluations (children and adults),
  • Psychoeducational evaluations,
  • Pre-surgical bariatric evaluations, and
  • General psychological evaluations from a wide variety of referral sources.

For interested applicants, there is no specific closing or cut-off date for this position. Most post-doctoral fellows complete one year of training to meet requirements for licensure, typically in accordance with an academic calendar. However, there often are opportunities for open enrollment or year-round acceptance into the post-doctoral training program. 

If you are interested in submitting an application for the training program, it is important to note that this position is largely focused on psychological testing and evaluation as opposed to psychotherapy. But if you enjoy psychological testing and desire to work in an inviting and warm atmosphere (with competitive pay), please e-mail the following items to our training director:

A formal cover letter
Your curriculum vitae
A list of all of the psychological tests you know, including the approximate number of administrations of each
A list of professional references, including their relationship to you, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
A sample evaluation report or two
An electronic photo of yourself (to help us match names with faces as we evaluate various candidates from out of state)

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